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Partial Dentures

We also provide removable dental prostheses for patients who are one or more teeth in an arch, but not all teeth.  These services are generally referred to as “Partial” Dentures as opposed to “Complete” Dentures for patients who are totally edentulous (without teeth) in either or both arches.   

Partial - Vitallium-Valplast.jpg

Partial - Valplast.jpg

As partially edentulous patients also require quality and fast removable services, these processes are also provided by Coastal Dental Services.   Just as with complete dentures, there are individual variables in partial denture cases and fees based on individual circumstances will be quoted for these services.

Partial denture patients are also treated with Dental Implants to retain either a removable prosthetic or the missing teeth can be fixed -- refer to our section on Dental Implants.



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