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Fees List


Listed is a range of our more common services for your assistance to 
help you determine your treatment needs.

 These fees are Special "non-Advertised" Internet only fees & exactly match Affordable Dentures fees.

Initial Visit/Consultation: No Charge for a quick evaluation
Exam:   $45.00
Panoramic X-ray:   $85.00
Dentures & Partial Dentures:    
[Includes  1 adjustment @ n/c, then $25.00 each adjustment]
Full Set: $610.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $325.00
[Includes free adjustments for 60 days]
Full Set: $825.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $495.00
[Includes free adjustments for 6 months]
Full Set: $1125.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $635.00
[Includes free adjustments for 1 year]
Full Set: $1825.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $995.00
  Soft Liner (as a temporary or 
Re-sizing Liner – per unit):
$75.00 - $100.00
  Laboratory Processed Liner 
(Hard – per unit):
  Simple Repair/or replace a tooth (without Impression): $80.00
  Complex Repair 
(requires impression or more complex)
  Denture Adjustment: n/c (for 1 year)
Extractions & Surgery:    
  Routine Extraction (each) $95.00
  Surgical Extraction or Root Recovery (each) $145.00
(ridge reduction surgery per quadrant)
$100.00 - $200.00
Implants for Implant Retained Dentures:  
  2 Implants for IRD (each): $1775.00
  4 Implants for IRD (each): $1695.00
  LODI (Narrow Diameter Implants) (each): $995.00
Packages (For Surgical Denture Replacement)  
  Full Set: $900.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $695.00
  Full Set: $1110.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $705.00
  Full Set: $1610.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $870.00
  Full Set: $1935.00
  Full Upper or Lower: $1150.00

(This package provides you a deep discount up to even a"free" Immediate Denture!)

(Depends on # teeth to be removed and scope of surgical process - see guidelines for the "FREE" Immediate Denture Program)

These are Special Internet-only fees and are based on all things being usual and as expected. In more complex cases, fees may vary, and this will be explained to you in detail before the start of any treatment.

There are multiple advertised specials that may provide you with a greater discount than these fees.   Check both printed Ads + Special Offers published on this website.  You may select the discount program that is best for your individual case, but only 1 discount will apply.  All special - discounted programs must be paid with cash payments.  Utilizing credit card & finance programs in themselves constitute a discount & standard fees will be used for any payment mode other than cash.

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