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Dental Surgery & Immediate Dentures

Dental Surgery & Immediate Dentures:  

This is one of the most important and frequent services we provide for our patients.   Simply, immediate dentures are the initial dentures that are placed “immediately” upon completion of the dental surgical process to remove the teeth from the jaws – this denture is also referred to as the “Surgical Denture”.   

In our offices we both construct the surgical dentures and perform all the pre-prosthetic dental surgical procedures required to remove the remaining natural teeth, roots, infections, and to perform the necessary ridge surgery (alveoplasty) to adjust the bone & gums of the denture support tissue areas for patients requiring immediate dentures. 

As these services vary widely between individuals, a comprehensive pre-surgical examination and evaluation is required prior to being able to quote fees for the surgical and immediate denture services.

Our Dentists have performed this service for over 31 years in the N.E. Florida/S.E. Georgia area, and have performed over 10,000 immediate denture cases over the years.   This brings to you, our prospective patient, a vast level of training, experience, and expertise in providing the dental surgical services required for any individual person.

To see some of our actual cases, just click on this button: BeforeAfterButton.jpg

These are our actual cases with pictures taken pre-surgically and at the 2-week post-surgical appointment.

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